I paused temporarily in my fine art career to study computer graphics and animation (pre-software and personal computers) in the mid 1980s. This eventually fed some important character building back into my abstract narratives. Most importantly (and unlike our soul) I discovered that there is very little magic in the universe.

This world view began not too long after inputting my password on my dummy terminal and being rejected several times. As I looked around the lab walls and at the ceiling I seriously wondered what spiritual event was preventing my login. Learning the basic thinking needed to construct a program and utilizing among other things conditional statements and control structures was mentally transformative. But debugging the program forced me to accept the realization that we alone are responsible for almost everything we do. [I still talk to my bicycle. A lot. Just in case.]

The process of constructing data orthographically and placing that in a 3-d world inspired my thinking about my 2-d world where i also began to construct objects with traditional materials and think in modular ways to build and transform. Making plotter drawings was the first arena where this new thinking played out. I built my objects in 2-d programs using vectors not pixels where size became scaleable… But enough said because I feel you should look at all of my work with fresh eyes which is my main reason for not naming anything on the grounds that the work has a life separate from mine.