After taking a probability class in the early 1990s I wondered how I might use concepts related to chance in my visual work.  At that time my process entailed moving paint around paper with a brush while simultaneously building up density with the paint. Eventually I would produce a visual record of the brush’s movement only stopping when a form I approved of materialized.  I built between 1 – 4 forms in each work. Their relationship to each other and the clean white space between and around them was of real consequence to me. My human algorithm was making my process restrictive as each decision for placement had to “work” or the piece would be discarded. It occurred to me that I could write a program that would generate the placement decisions. I was curious enough to try it out but uncertain whether I would find a random result acceptable.

I designed a program that would ask for 2 numbers: one number would define the total number of marks I would need to fill a given array and another number would define the total number of available marks. With this information, only a random number from 1 to the total number of marks could be chosen. Each number had to be checked to make sure it was unique and there had to be a randomizer so the order would be totally derived by chance. Next I built 13 sets of 1 x 8 arrays of similar marks using paint and sometimes color pencil. On the back of each drawn mark I wrote a sequential number from 1 to 104. I chose the type of mark from a notebook where I reproduced marks I had made that interested me. Next I built and ran the basic program and with the numeric decisions in hand I placed the selected order of marks in the defined array.  The surprising by-product of the project was the final result (after initially unacceptable to me) became tolerable almost as easily as one I would painstakingly consider. I attribute that to being able to see inside/out which helped me to accept not just one unique placement. There is an example of a 2 x 6 array of marks you will see as you scroll down this page that was generated the way I describe.

(abbr.) C.V.
• 18th Street Art Center residency, S.M., CA
• Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant, painting
• Pew Fellowship in the Arts, painting
• Philadelphia Museum of Art Purchase Award from Works on Paper 
• Independent Acquisition Fund Competition for WHYY TV 12 “Ghoti” and “The Blue Chair” selected viewing.
• Fellowship. Pennsylvania Council of the Arts.
• Third Place. National Computer Graphics Association. International
Computer Animation Contest. Awards reel.
• Prize of Fine Work, Niccograph International Computer Animation Contest. Nikkei Computer Graphics, Japan.


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Art from the Computer. Hearst Art Gallery. Saint Mary’s College. Moraga, CA.
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The New Television Festival 1986, Included in Much Music, Musique Plus, ky Channel”, and a selected Japanese Broadcast special..Computer Graphic Animation Festival. Odyssey Visual Design. La Jolla Museum, August- September 1986.
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The Best of the Video Festival, Ohio State University. Intern. film and video contest.
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M.A. Ohio State University – 3-d Computer Graphics and Animation 1986
M.F.A. University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Painting + Drawing 1976
B.F.A Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Phila., PA, 1972

1986-2010 Professor of Art, Moore College of Art and Design. Digital Drawing and Imaging, Animation and Web Design.
2008-fall Adjunct Professor, University of the Arts. Painting: Junior level
2002 Adjunct Professor, PAFA, Fall term. Painting Principles
1998 Adjunct Professor University of the Arts, Spring term. Multimedia
1995 Juror, Images du Future. Et Nouvelles Technologies. International Animation Contest. Montreal. October
1991-2 Part-time Rutgers-Camden. 3-d Computer Graphics and Animation
1989 Curator for Printmaking: At the Speed of Thought The Print Club Philadelphia, PA. International exhibition of algorithmically generated works. Nov 4 – Dec 23, 1989. Catalog.